Mayday Audio


Imagine being the watchstander and receiving this call at 00:15. While listening, take note of the information passed and requested by Group Port Angeles and Station Quillayute River.

At what point does the Coast Guard ask for the GALE RUNNER’s position? Upon hearing, “We are at the entrance right now,” how long do you estimate it would take the sailboat to safely cross the bar? Where did the Coast Guard think the GALE RUNNER was? How would the situation have been different if the Coast Guard had told the GALE RUNNER to standby offshore and not attempt to cross the bar until they had more information?

Pay attention to when the sailboat begins passing its position (video: 9:49). Ms. Marcia Infante is cut off mid-sentence by the wave that capsizes and dismasts the GALE RUNNER.

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U.S. Coast Guard audio


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Interviews with active duty and retired members, grades E-5 to O-6: Surfmen, investigation members, Officers-in-Charge, and Commanding Officers