Teaching the Story


The following facilitation tool was created for Coast Guard stations and other rescue agencies to learn about the Quillayute River disaster. When conducted as a round-table event, it fosters personal emotional connections, teaches the facts of what happened, discusses risk management, and illuminates organizational challenges that may still affect units today.

CG 44363 training at Station Cape Disappointment, WA. U.S. Coast Guard photo

To offer CG 44363 training, set a date where attention can be focused on the training, print out the materials, arrange the room, and facilitate the discussion. Thorough coverage takes about 60-90 minutes.

Some best-practices have been assimilated since this training was first provided at Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment in 2018.

First, assign “parts” to members of the team as appropriate. Impact can be maximized by pairing members with relevant parts based on their job at the unit.

After assigning parts to members, the facilitator should set the stage with the background information printed on their guide. Offer an example of how each reader should speak their parts (“At 0700 FA DaMello assumes the station’s communications watch…”). Encourage anyone without speaking parts to close their eyes and imagine the events unfolding.

Once the first speaker begins, the training carries itself to completion, pausing only if the facilitator feels additional clarification is necessary.

At the end of the reading, offer a break if necessary, then lead the discussion using the prompts in the guide. This works best with questions posed to the participants, not as a lecture by the facilitator.


If time allows or a different type of discussion is better suited, consider playing the audio from the MAYDAY call. When the recording ends, discuss how the initial moments of the case contributed to attitudes and what occurred later on.

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