retired officer in charge, U.S. Coast Guard

“Knowing full well the policy that was in the unit’s standing orders and the District SOP, Bosley failed to make the required notification to the unit’s SDO that the bar conditions had drastically changed. The second boat crew with the duty Surfman should have been recalled and on board much earlier in the evening. PO Bosley made a decision to disregard several standing orders.

Once the unit was notified of the GALE RUNNER’s situation he should have awaited the arrival of the second boat crew but instead, with judgement incapacitated through emotion and ego, launched into conditions far beyond his skills and ability.  And last, he failed to follow CG policy by ensuring everyone on board was prepared for heavy weather, belted in and in the proper [personal protective equipment]. Each and every mistake was a total disregard for CG policy that he had had hammered into him as part of his Coxswain and OOD qualifications.